South Asian Mental Health Consortium

Who are we?

We are a grassroots organization working to bring together those interested in Mental Health Awareness in the South Asian community. We want to provide a platform for graduate students , providers and community leaders to come together and have conversations about how to increase awareness around mental health within the South Asian Community.

What is our vision?

We have a strong vision to support graduate students by empowering and guiding them and helping them connect with one another. We want to allow South Asian professionals to speak about their clinical experience and provide guidance to graduate student. We want to provide a platform for professional development of South Asian graduate students and providers wanting to work with the South Asian community

How did we get started?

This organization was started by Dr. Preet Kaur Sabharwal and Dr. Nina Kaur in 2016 when they were clinical psychology graduate students. Dr. Sabharwal and Dr. Kaur had come into the field with a strong interest in working with the South Asian community but during the course of their education they struggled to find mentors within the profession. They also struggled to advocate for research on South Asian Mental Health. Being avid conference attendees Dr. Sabharwal and Dr. Kaur both realized there were not many spaces provided in other psychological associations to discuss South Asian Mental Health topics , specifically around breaking stigmas and increasing access of care for South Asian communities. So in an attempt to find allies, mentors and spaces to discuss South Asian mental health topics, the South Asian Mental Health Consortium was created.

Upcoming Events

“Strength in Numbers: Stories of our Shared History, Struggle and Triumph”
The theme for the 2022 conference will be focusing on understanding cultural traditions of our ancestors, linking the past, present and future.

A 2-day virtual event bringing together students, professionals and community members to discuss many aspects of South Asian Mental Health including but not limited to stigmas of mental health, barriers to utilization of services, lack of research, importance of religion/culture, and gaps in support and supervision. Too often the diversity in cultural values, practice, and celebrations is not recognized. The conference will address spirituality, religion, traditional forms of healing, culturally sensitive interventions/research practice, and community grassroots/social justice practices.
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